Wednesday, June 29, 2005

TV Highlights

I still have yet to see Six Feet Under from Monday, hopefully catch that tonight. I've seen everything else (except American Dad), so I shall comment now.

Family Guy: The Stewie ponderings about Brian's book on both occasions was a bit too long. I realize this show likes to extend moments, but that got a bit tedious. The episode itself was pretty funny, especially how Quagmire got into the Bachelor and Peter getting Cleveland ready for the audition.

Entourage: Things were bound to go wrong around Vincent and they may just be starting. James Cameron (who is indeed going to be on the show coming up) is now set to direct Aquaman and the Warner chief is in Paris working out the details with him. Ari is a bit scared since he hasn't heard anything (nor did he know Cameron was on it), but he gets the answer he wants...until the end. It seems Leo (I'm guessing Leonardo DiCaprio) is in Paris working something out with Cameron about some "fish movie" (i.e. Aquaman). The boys feel like they're screwed...we shall see. In other news, Queens Boulevard is hitting Sundance and I know they go to Utah at some point this season.

Rescue Me: Powerful stuff. Tommy's daughter calls and says they are in Ohio and Tommy joins the Staten Island Barbershop Quartet in order to get time off (and the competition just HAPPENS to be in Ohio). Every time Tommy attempts to drink alcohol he sees a vision of Jesus and his blood dripping down, which stops him from drinking. Tommy gets to Ohio and sees the kids and talks to Janet. She says to give her 15 minutes and she'll be ready to go. Well, she ends up bolting out and Tommy loses them again. Things can't get lower for Tommy...heck he was even saying he'd get rid of Sheila in order to have Janet and the kids back home. Mike also seems to be very obsessive/compulsive about his former lover who dumped him. Kind of scary, but he evidentally found more solace in her than he can find banging a skinny chick I guess (or so it sounded like last night). Franco and Laura almost get together, but Laura lays out exactly what is going to happen and Franco backs off...nice move! The chief's wife is lashing out at things done 30 years ago thanks to the Alzheimers. In the funniest moment, the chief and Kenny think they have something on their boss so they can get Tommy back, but it ends up being his cousin that had an illegitimate child and not himself.