Friday, June 10, 2005

Enjoying Battlefield 2 Demo?

Well, I sure hope you are because I'm certainly not. I'm not at the homebase currently, but I was smart enough to get myself the dialup info (yeah, I'm in 56k land right now) so I could get on the internet.

Tomorrow (well, today actually) I should be getting back to the homebase and can finally download the demo and play it. I can't wait. I hear the minimum specs are pretty high, but I shouldn't have too much problem with my machine.

We evidently already have a Console Gold game server going via Ron. You can check out the info on this page in a thread at CG or here is the info:

Gamespy name: "Console Gold's Server"

I have no way of checking to see if the Gamespy name is working, but it sounds like it is from the forum. Expect a longer blog tomorrow from me, probably talking about Battlefield 2 after playing it for a bit. Hope to see you guys on tomorrow.