Wednesday, June 22, 2005

City of Heroes - Day 10

Made it through another mission by myself and am starting to get the hang of ways to handle combat when solo. I'm lucky I was smart enough to buy some Awaken inspirations before I went on the mission, they came in very handy. I find those damn Reapers and Morticators from the undead group a pain in the ass to handle. Sometimes they pull with their underlings, sometimes they come alone (the best way for me). They always seem to have some of the best accuracy around though and I can die often or be really low on health by the time I'm done facing off with them. The Abominations are nothing compared to these bad guys.

I have 2 missions to do tonight and I'm still stuck on level 11 thanks to my debt incurred by dying a few times. I want to get to 14 before my trial is over, but it is looking less and less likely at the moment. Hopefully I can get some good playing time in tonight, but with Battlefield 2 finally showing up that may not be an option.