Friday, June 17, 2005

City of Heroes - Day 5

Day 5 I spent getting experience, adding the Hover ability (with my Normal Blaster I picked faster sprint at this point. Hover is a better, but slower moving power I feel) at level 6. I also finally got through the 2 Outcast hideouts in The Hollows. Thanks to my hover ability I was able to go by the large Troll and Outcast populations without anyone seeing and killing me, but I had to get hover before that was possible.

My next mission is to find some contact in the Hollows. We'll see how that goes, I hope his missions for me will find me in more advantageous situations than the Hollows where most of the enemies are at least 3 levels above me in power. I still feel City of Heroes is one big grind, but I hope I can get to level 14 relatively unscathed so I can fly or whatever. Tonight will probably be the last opportunity I get to play CoH until Sunday, so I hope to at least get up a level.