Friday, June 24, 2005

Game Reviews Upcoming

After a relative drought of games to review (I think the last one I did was Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith on Xbox). That was early in the month of May and after I was done with that game I pretty much didn't touch anything outside of backlog computer games (Far Cry and Max Payne 2, both of which I beat) for over a month. My Xbox and PS2 have literally been in their carrying cases for a while until last night.

I will be reviewing Wrestlemania 21 on Xbox, Enthusia: Professional Racing on PS2 and Madagascar on GBA. I played the first two games last night and have not touched Madagascar yet.

Early word would be that Wrestlemania 21 stinks to high heaven with lots of problems related to control and some end of match audio problems. I have yet to play it online, but I'm willing to bet it is no better there either. Why in the heck can't anyone duplicate the coolness of the N64 games from AKI? The Smackdown series lately has come close and although I never played it Day of Reckoning seemed to also get close, but none can make a great wrestling game that ends all arguments for this generation.

Enthusia is a different beast all to itself. It sits above even Forza Motorsport (although I've only played a little of this as Microsoft never sent me a copy as of yet) in the simulation world. It is almost a driving simulation with that takes things a little too seriously. You also almost need the Logitech Driving Wheel that came out around Gran Turismo 4's release because playing it on a gamepad will make you want to return the game. The same sort of control is not here in Enthusia as it is in GT4, a game you could play with the gamepad no problem. Enthusia isn't a fantastic game, but if you can handle the uber-simulation aspect of it (where you literally throttle back going into a turn and throttle forward out of one versus doing a power slide or taking an angle) you may find it a good driving simulator. Expect this reviews to be coming in the next few days.