Thursday, June 23, 2005

Battlefield 2

The game is excellent from what little I played last night (I played more Battlefield 1942 with my co-workers than this). There aren't a whole lot of ranked servers out there and it is tough to get into one if you want to build experience and unlock weapons and other things for each military class. I noticed a lot of lag in the servers I hopped on, although that could be because of the new anti-virus software I upgraded to in-between the demo release and the full game release. I'm going to try to fix that tonight and see if there is any change.

So far I'm liking BF2 better than 1942 simply because I feel like I'm a better shot and can see if I'm hitting the target better here than in 1942. The graphics are also nothing to sneeze at so to speak. I still have yet to hear anything from a squad via Voice over IP. I'd like to see if my new headset works well or not and if I need to tweak it or not. Console Gold will have a server up here and there it seems like. When I got on last night I couldn't find it anywhere, even via direct IP access.