Wednesday, June 15, 2005

TV Tonight

The big thing tonight is that 30 Days premieres on the FX Network. This is a show created by Super Size Me's Morgan Spurlock that will follow people around for 30 days doing something in opposite of what they currently do. Tonight's premiere sees Spurlock and his fiancee live on a minimum wage for 30 days. They move to Ohio to do this and they find it pretty hard to find a decent apartment and all that.

Upcoming shows include:

Anti-Aging: 30-something year old ex-athlete (who has gotten a gut and lost libido) takes anti-aging medication for 30 days. They follow him and see his highs and lows

Muslims and America: A Christian goes into a Muslim home for 30 days and struggles with a religion that does not recognize Jesus as the Son of God.

Straight/Gay: A 24-year old homophobe from a "red state" travels to San Francisco to live in a hugely homosexual area. He joins a gay sports team, caters to gay clientele, attends pro-gay church services and even lives with a gay roomate.

Off-The-Grid: A couple that loves to live off of the environmentally hazardous fossil fuels (electricty, gas in cars, etc.) move into a Bio-Dome in Missouri for 30 days and lives off of natural power and life. After 30 days will they be changed or will they go back to the old days?

Binge Drinking Mom: A mom concerned about her daughter and alcohol consumption at college agrees to do 30 days of binge drinking to get through to her.

The last one sounds interesting, but I'm not sure what they are going to pull out of the situation. Anyway, I think this show sounds really interesting and given how good Super Size Me was I'll be watching this tonight. It is on at 9pm Central Time on FX Network.