Friday, June 17, 2005

30 Days - Great Show

I'm now sold on 30 Days after watching Wednesday's episode. Morgan Spurlock did an excellent job showing what life would be like living on a minimum wage income for 30 days with his fiancee Alex. They both ended up having to go to the hospital with no insurance (her for a urinary infection, him for a hurt wrist while working) and they got the bills for those somewhere in the 20s for days, I forget the exact date. Anyway, her bill was below $500, but his was over $700 including $40 for an Ace bandage.

Spurlock is a lot like Michael Moore, except that he is more of an everyman compared to Moore. Moore likes to go up against the big boys while I think Spurlock showed that he can go after the social problems of the nation after he did his McDonalds thing with Super Size Me. One of the funniest parts of the episode was he went to the library to find something free and fun to do in Columbus, OH with his nephew and niece. This one site had such things as calling your bank to set up a tour of the facilities. Spurlock was literally laughing his ass off, but he was trying to keep it quiet in the library.

The show is very interesting, although I believe this is the last time that Spurlock will be doing the deed for the 30 days at least this year. Now he takes a more "behind the scenes" role it seems. I have a feeling he'll be doing the voiceover information stuff like he did last night, but we'll see. This is pretty darn good television and it goes to show just how well us with insurance and a nice job are versus those that work at minimum wage.