Tuesday, June 14, 2005

More TV Stuff

Well, I'm all caught up now and I'll give my opinions here.

Family Guy: The first half was not very good (I'll get back to this in a moment), but the second half had some of the funniest stuff around. My problem with the first half is that Loretta not a few episodes ago was one of the women that wanted Quagmire gone. Now all of a sudden Loretta decides to have an affair with Quagmire? At least the second half saves the show with Peter and his modes of transport. I loved Joe's line after the blimp crashes into his house: "Peter, where are you getting all the money for this stuff?"

American Dad: There have been glimmers of greatness on this show, but they are fleeting fast. Had a co-worker say to me that they should drop this show and put all their efforts into Family Guy because he feels the quality of that show has gone down. I tend to agree with him. There are pieces of hilarity in this show, but it just doesn't have the characters that you can understand or care for.

Entourage: This is still one of the best half-hours on television right now. Yes, the guys may act like assholes, but at least they are assholes we can care about. Eric finally got his cake and eat it too. I'm glad that Shauna was the one that blurted out that she cheated on him and then Eric slamming her by saying he did the Perfect 10 model twice. My only question at the end with the group going to Las Vegas is whether Eric brought the Aquaman script to read or not as he had promised Ari. The previews sure make it look like Ari isn't pissed, so I'm guessing he did. It also looks like the boys lose the house rental and have to find their own place (Vincent: "Man, $1 million doesn't go so far").

Six Feet Under: The series feels like it is spinning the wheel still. Nate has almost become a background character instead of the true lead. Could he and Maggie have something going on in the future? The previews make it look like it, but I doubt it. If anyone was going to fall off the wagon it would be Brenda in that relationship. Billy decides to not take his drugs, so he'll be crazy soon enough. I have no sympathy for Ruth in how she is treating George. I'm not a big fan of George, but Ruth honestly got herself in this mess and she has to be the one to get out of it and not have help from Maggie. She can sit there and bitch and moan thinking that she married a guy that lied to her, but she did this whirlwind marriage and was a willing participant. Sometimes you have to pay the piper.

Nothing on tonight that I know of. Rescue Me starts next Tuesday though...can't wait!