Tuesday, June 21, 2005

City of Heroes - Day 8 and 9

Couldn't find much time to put my day 8 experiences up yesterday, so I'll combine it with my day 9 experiences as well. My character is now up to level 11 and almost to 12. The missions are becoming more manageable for me whether I'm in a group or on my lonesome. I no longer fear going deep into the Hollows or Perez Park (where some of my missions are taking place) and I've gotten pretty good with the whole combat stuff. I ended up taking my enhancement slots and adding them to my hover so that I can fly a bit faster than usual until I hit level 14 and can actually get Fly. I could be setting myself up pretty badly though in regards to leaving other powers in the lurch, but it is the chance I take.

On Day 8 I spent some time with a team taking on Frostfire in the Hollows. Later on I found out that was my next mission from Flux, but I wasn't too excited to go through it again and I figured going through it solo may be a death wish. I do think the number of enemies goes down when it is you alone though, but I could be wrong.

I believe Saturday is the end of my 14-day trial and I'm still pointing toward not going for another month simply because City of Heroes hasn't grabbed onto me enough to want to keep playing it past the 14-day trial. I feel my sole purpose in this trial is to get to level 14 so I can experience the Fly power. I may or may not get there at the rate I'm going, but I hope I do.

I am still interested in Guild Wars and may try that out. I think it is $44.99 at Circuit City this week. I may also finally open World of Warcraft, but I am afraid the $15/mo. fee will turn me off after my first month is over. However, everything will probably be taking a back seat for a while because of a game I'll talk about later.