Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Television Wrap-Up

OK...finished watching Entourage and watched Six Feet Under from last night. Entourage is still a fantasic show and I think they're hitting a groove. Vincent agreed to be Aquaman simply because he decided to buy Marlon Brando's old house for $4 million (his tax person said he could spend $1.2 million tops) and he actually liked the script (he read it?!?), but didn't like the idea of dressing up in tights. So, the boys get out of a sticky situation again as always. Ari is still pretty darn funny. He tries to sneak out of the house to go to the Playboy mansion and his wife catches him and tells him to be home by 2am or she'll yell something about Ari's sexual prowess to the neighborhood.

Six Feet Under seems to be trying to grab that magic that it had in the first and second season, but the time has long passed for that honestly. I'm starting to understand George because of the death of his mom 54 years ago that he blames himself for (she was a drunk, mean woman it seems). Also explains him liking the bunker, probably because it was a "safe place" for him when he was younger. The rest of the Fischer clan seems to be going through the paces. Nate is mostly a wuss, not the driving character he once was. Brenda is trying to expand from what she truly is, Billy is off the meds, Claire is once again at odds with Ruth and David and Keith have probably found a surrogate. Frederico is also trying to find a woman now that he and Vanessa are in splitsville, although I see them getting together before the end of the series. If there is one person who will be happy in this show at the end, it will be Rico.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rescue Me's second season starts tonight at 9pm Central on FX Networks. This is a fantastic show and I hope the second season is as good or better than the first.