Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Rescue Me

Finally one of the best series on television made its return last night and there was also a commercial saying one of the other best series on television (Nip/Tuck) was coming in September. Rescue Me's first episode of the season was fantastic. Tommy is now in Staten Island working (or lack of working given how few jobs they get versus Tommy's old team) and he is full of angst. His wife left last season with the children and she sold the house for $500k, enough to live on for a long time as long as she doesn't trip up by spending a lot. She has the kids call Tommy for about 2 minutes each so he can't trace her.

Obviously Tommy is still on the sauce, possibly even more heavily than before. He screws up with his cop brother who will now not be doing Tommy any favors until he at least cleans up. Probie is on the outs with the big lady after he saw her talking to another guy in a bistro and she tells him the sex wasn't that good. Franco has scars from his run-in with Tommy in the fire. Tommy calls him to make amends, but Franco doesn't answer the phone.

At the end Tommy goes to an AA meeting after pouring vodka all over himself and almost lighting it on fire with a lighter. He just got done watching happier times with the family, including his dead cousin and Tommy's now girlfried (and cousin's widow). I think all Tommy wants to do is get his kids back and it is obvious from previews that is one of the things he's going after. It also looks like his girlfriend tries to get him back on the wagon because he does sex the best when he is drunk AND it looks like she drinks (and she's pregnant!).

Can't wait for next week...