Monday, June 13, 2005

Sunday TV and City of Heroes

I was unable to watch all of my Sunday TV yesterday because I got caught up in City of Heroes thanks to the 14-day trial NCSoft is running. Damn, that's a fun game although I am sure I won't be playing it past 14 days. I'm not big on the whole $15/mo. to play games. Maybe I should check out Guild Wars, the one where you don't pay per month although I honestly have no clue what type of game it is. Is it a hub-type game where you get missions that then load from there or do you actually get to walk around a city much like City of Heroes? What do you guys think? E-mail me about it. I'm looking for some good info.

Now on to Sunday's TV shows that I did watch:

The 4400: I just started watching the show this year and I missed out on the ones from last year. I'm liking the show quite a bit, although I think the writing could be a tad better honestly. What's with the "devil child" (as I shall call it)? The mom seems to be devolving into evil ways even though she knows she shouldn't do it. I'm forseeing her going to Collier's HQ and leaving the guy, but that's just me. And was it just me or was that professor hot for the kid? Looks interesting.

The Dead Zone: Oh yeah! Thank God the show didn't end last season as it was originally supposed to. They did a good job of re-writing the "final episode" and putting the series back on track after all signs were pointing to its end. I won't miss Greg Stilson's dad in the least bit and actually I am glad that Greg just choked him. I think that one guy with the ring is supposed to represent the Illuminati, but that is just a guess on my part. I forget why Purdy was in jail, was it fraud or something because I forget from last year. It will be sad that there will be no more visits from future Johnny or the guy from Swimming with Sharks (I forget his name).

The Comeback: This episode was better than last week, but I'm still not liking the show overall. I literally think this is a show built around piling a ton of crap on Valerie Cherish. Yes, you can get treated like crap in Hollywood, but this goes beyond even a modicum of human morality. The one creator that barely talks (and was busy playing games on his laptop last week) just pisses me off. I want someone to just slug him a good one. I think the blonde star of Room & Bored actually does care about Valerie, although she did leave her after setting up plans for dinner. Is it sad that the funniest part of last night's show were the fictional TV shows that were shown at the "up front"? The one with the couples hitting each other with shovels and 2x4s was hilarious. "100,000 points for the body; 200,000 for the head" and then the wife saying "Go for the head" and the guy chickening out and her saying, "You were always such a pussy" and the guy then smacking her in the head. That is funny...the rest of the show, not so much.

I still have Family Guy, American Dad and Entourage to watch and Six Feet Under tonight. Hope to have impressions up tomorrow.