Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Battlefield 2 Today!

The day has finally come, Battlefield 2 should be in my hands later today. There are reviews already out (Gamespy - 5/5, IGN - 8.9, Gamespot - 9.3), but reviews really don't matter to me in the case of this game. The thing that made Battlefield 1942 exciting is how much fun it could be just to play with a bunch of other people. The experience was even better if you had some friends to play with instead of just playing with strangers. I'm not big into online FPS games, but Battlefield 1942 was just different in my mind and I still fire that game up to play with my friends.

Now Battlefield 2 comes out and from the demo I can ascertain that the fun is still there, but now we get to fly planes and helicopters and drive around in new vehicles. I am guessing the mod community will be out in force for this one and I can't wait to see what they come up with. I've already read some things about this one group who is making a Battletech mod for Battlefield 2 and the pictures lot HOT.

I didn't plan out my 14-day City of Heroes trial very well because I'm guessing Battlefield 2 will be getting a majority of my playtime now that it is out. See you guys on the Battlefield...