Monday, June 20, 2005

Sunday TV

Another Sunday goes by and another Sunday to watch TV. The only regular show I missed was Entourage and I will probably watch that tonight. For what I did watch:

The 4400: Hmmm...this show seems to be getting weaker as we go on. Jordan likes to bang hot women, including his secretary who almost commits suicide after Jordan bangs a pop singer who devotes herself to the 4400 Center. Shawn finds out that he will be the benefactor of the Center should anything befall Jordan. Another "4400 Survivor of the Week" shows up, this time the doctor from Star Trek: Voyager who seems to be able to make people lose weight by swapping spit with them. Of course, nothing is as nice as it seems when they just keep losing weight. At the end of the show with Richard and Lily having to leave again when someone tattles on them, I didn't see the baby in the truck or anything. In fact, the baby took a back seat in this episode. I'll check it out next week, but things aren't looking so good.

The Dead Zone: Weak episode here as well, although anything non-Stinson related really has to stand out in my mind to not feel weak. There were a lot of cliches in this show tonight, especially toward the end with the explosions and the slow motion as the characters get out just ahead of every explosion as the soap factory blows up.

Family Guy: Peter finds out that he is mentally retarded and starts to take advantage of it, including such things as kicking in women's restroom stalls and saying, "I don't know any better" and one woman down the line says, "here, let me show you how these things work"...heh. This show is consistantly funny, but it seems to have lost a step in its time off.

American Dad: This was the week that was going to decide whether I would keep watching this show or not. If you are at all into politics, tonight was hysterical. Karl Rowe coming in to help Stan become deacon at the church in order to upstage Chuck White was fantastic. Karl Rowe is the guy behind GW Bush's election to the presidency and many people on the left consider him to be integral in many conspiracy theories it seems. This episode kept me on for at least one more, this show is getting funnier. However you have to know the political landscape to have any clue what is going on.

The Comeback: Much like American Dad, this was a make or break episode. People are still piling the crap onto Valerie and this show is honestly going nowhere. I still have no idea how the creator of Sex and the City made this crap.