Monday, June 13, 2005

Games, DVDs and Movies This Week (6/13 - 6/19)

I dropped TV shows from this since I will be updating those as the week goes on and I can't think of anything starting up new this week either, so onto the rest.


Batman Begins: Will this game be good or not? I don't really know. I'm not even sure it follows the movie because I read in EGM that there are no boss battles and since Scarecrow and Ra's Al Ghul are in the movie and they are going for the Splinter Cell feel, chances are that may be true. I plan on renting this.


Hitch: Never saw it in theaters, will be seeing it on DVD. I've heard good things.

Tarzan II: I just heard about this last week. Chances are since this is a direct to video release that it will be animated by the television arm of Disney and not have such things as shadowing and cool effects. I could be wrong though because Disney as of late has been giving a little more love to its direct to video releases in the animation section. Tarzan as a little kid though, that I may not be able to get over.


Batman Begins: No surprise here since the game comes out this week as well. Early word is that this movie is really good and I have a co-worker who saw it and he thought it was pretty good as well. (MAJOR SPOILERS UPCOMING) I hear the end sets up the entry of the Joker. Christian Bale is signed on for this and 2 other Batman movies. I just hope this is good because we desperately need a return of a good Batman movie.

The Perfect Man: Heather Locklear and Hilary Duff star in this one. Evidently Locklear is having problems finding the perfect man (is this a believable film with this premise? I mean this is HEATHER LOCKLEAR we're talking about). Chances are excellent this movie will suck, but maybe I'll be surprised.

A relatively quiet week outside of Batman Begins. I didn't get a chance to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith as of yet, hope to soon.