Saturday, June 25, 2005

City of Heroes - Day 13

I haven't played CoH since Thursday night. Went up to my parent's place today to get my car back (it seems to be back to normal...yay!) and just got back not too long ago after we all went out to eat. First thing I did when I came home was to go onto NCSoft's website and deactivate my City of Heroes account. I enjoyed the game early on, but as time went by it started to become boring. The death debt seems almost insurmountable after you get into the teen levels. I'm not sure how other MMORPGs handle death debt, but from what I've read it seems this game deals a lot of debt while others do not. Now, this is what I read and therefore it necessarily isn't the truth.

The game got deleted off my hard drive, but if there is one lasting thing that City of Heroes did it is that it makes me want to play my unopened copy of World of Warcraft, although I fear that game may end up being boring in the long run as well. I could be wrong though and it may well be worth the $15/mo. to at least get a character up to level 60.

The more I read about Guild Wars the more I seem to be turned off by it. I like going solo in many cases and this game doesn't sound like one of those. Now, it's nice that they give you AI players to do your instances with you, but I wonder how good the computer AI is in these situations...whether you have to go it alone for the most part or they actually help. If anyone knows, e-mail me please. FiringSquad didn't give it a very favorable review and basically called it boring (they say the same about WoW. I have a feeling I may end up feeling the same as they do, but I just don't know. It would be nice for Blizzard or ArenaNet to allow a 14-day trial or whatever like City of Heroes does. I would expect ArenaNet to do it before Blizzard does though. Blizzard doesn't even give game reviewers free time to play, each place has to pay for their own account. This just goes to show how powerful Blizzard is in the industry.

Anyway, I had fun with City of Heroes, but I just couldn't see myself grinding through to the higher levels and I just didn't feel "grabbed" by the game. When I was in the beta for WoW, I felt grabbed; however I didn't get much past the lower levels simply because I had other games to play and review for Console Gold.