Thursday, June 09, 2005

Battlefield 2 Demo Tomorrow

It was rumored earlier this week, but Gamespot will have exclusivity to the Battlefield 2 demo download for who knows how long. Although they don't give a date in the article, the demo supposedly drops tomorrow. Here's the info:
The demo will feature three variations of the Gulf of Oman map from Battlefield 2, which is set in a near-future conflict between three clashing powers: The United States, China, and the fictional Middle Eastern Coalition (MEC). The single-player, 16-player, and 32-player versions of the map included in the demo will pit the US against the MEC in time-limit-based combat. (China is not playable in the demo.)

However, the demo will not include any additional maps or other features found in the retail version of Battlefield 2. Besides the Chinese forces, the full BF2 will feature 30 vehicles and 20 soldier kits from all three sides. It will also sport a total of 12 maps, each available for 16, 32, and 64 players. Online play will be enhanced with voice-over IP and persistent character scoring, while the new battlefield commander mode will give players a tactical edge on the, er, battlefield.

I can't wait, although I have to wait until Saturday probably to play with any of you guys. The game is only a little over a week away...I'm a bit excited!