Friday, July 01, 2005

Nothing like a Friday...

Sorry for my sparseness of posts this week, work has been very busy with some long nights this week. I still have yet to see Six Feet Under from Monday or 30 Days from Wednesday. I hope to do so this weekend as long as we don't have to work and convey my feelings on them right here on Virtual Viewpoints.

Luckily it has been a relatively quiet week on the game front. My 3 reviews are now up: Enthusia: Professional Racing (73%), Wrestlemania 21 (42%) and Madagascar on GBA (74%). It's obvious I didn't like Wrestlemania 21 very much and I think that might be the lowest score I've ever given a game. I didn't think there could be a worse wrestling game than the RAW series (take note: I've never played Legends of Wrestling), but I was so very, very wrong.

The weekend is upon us. I hope to get some Battlefield 2 gaming in simply because I've had little time to play it. Hopefully I won't have to come into work tomorrow, but who knows with the way things are going around here. Maybe catch a movie like War of the Worlds if I'm lucky (Bewitched and Mr. and Mrs. Smith are also ones we'd like to see).

Monday is my birthday. I'll be one year from 30 and it seems like since I hit 21 the years have been speeding on by. I look back at my school years and think about how long they felt compared with 21 to now. Yes, I'm a bi-centennial baby and yes it sucked growing up because almost no one was around for a birthday party. If I had one they were usually before or after my birthday and rarely right on my birthday. It's the curse of being born on the big summer holiday I guess. I'm still trying to figure out what to ask for on my birthday. You guys have any ideas? Feel free to e-mail me, because the immediate families would probably like to know. I'm finding it hard trying to nail down something I want simply because I'm either unknowing of something I want or I already feel I have everything I need.

Well, this went for too long I think. I could probably wax poetic about my birthday for a long time. I have no idea what plans are for my birthday and I honestly don't remember what I did last year and no one else remembers either. I wish to give a Happy Birthday to CG owner Ron Burke as well. He's exactly one day older (but possibly not wiser) than me.