Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Rescue Me - 7/19

Another good episode, although not as strong as some of them this year. Next week looks a bit more exciting than this week was. I'm still not sure why Jesus and Mary Magdeline are appearing for Tommy. It was quite weird to see Tommy having sex with Mary, who you wouldn't have known was her until Jesus comes in with a gun ready to take names.

Tommy has a step-brother and at least one step-sister. I think Tommy should go after the kids even though his brother seems against it. He thinks the family is already too screwed up for Tommy to bring the kids back into the equation.

Franco is treading a dangerous line. I don't think he should continue a relationship with Laura simply because I think Laura can turn into an insane woman if she gets the chance. Expand relations with the pharmacy girl even though he only uses her for the drugs basically.

The sensitivity training section showed why a show like this could never be shown on broadcast TV. I wonder how much better shows like this and Nip/Tuck would be if HBO had them. They're already gritty enough, but I wonder how much more gritty they could be.