Tuesday, July 19, 2005

NCAA Football 06

I also have not had a chance to sit down with NCAA Football 06 yet, but I notice Bill Harris has voiced his displeasure on Dubious Quality about the game. I won't let that get me down though. He is somewhat right about the reviews and reviewers, but he also has to understand that reviewers of sports games have to look at the whole picture and not look into the hardcore side of sports games (where places like Bill's blog and Operation Sports goes more deeply into).

You see, the majority of people who buy games like Madden or NCAA Football are not your hardcore sports gamers. They're Joe Gamer (my term, but I'm sure many have used it) who just enjoys playing football on a television screen and isn't so worried about the nuances of the game. Yes, they'd like to see a competent defense for example, but I don't think they are worrying about what is or isn't happening. Joe Gamer is the reason games like Madden and NFL 2K5 from last year sell so well and the reason Madden is usually the #1 selling game when a Grand Theft Auto game doesn't come out. That's as much as I'll speak about it for now, time to go to bed.