Friday, July 01, 2005

NCAA 06/Madden 06

It was kind of weird when I went into EB to pick up my Battlefield 2 on June 22nd. I realized that NCAA Football 06 was coming just a week after my birthday (so a little over a week away at this point). I've heard barely anything about the game, but I always pick them up nonetheless. I have a bit of a quandry this year though since chances are this game will come out on the Xbox 360 later this year. Do I buy now and then double-dip when it comes out on 360? Early rumors are that features will be taken out of the 360 EA Sports games that will be present in the current generation games and that has me kind of anxious about the whole thing.

Same problem comes up for Madden 06, which comes out in just over a month(!?!). Chances are I will pick both up on Xbox and the question is if I will pick them up on 360 as well. Remember, I'm in the camp that doesn't have a problem with the EA Sports games or the exclusive licenses they've grabbed. I may have a problem with spending $200 to pick up both versions of both games though. A simple graphical upgrade wouldn't be enough for me to bite on the 360 versions, it has to have the same features available in the current generation system releases. If not I may just rent and not buy...we shall see.