Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Battlefield 2 Keeps Rolling

I've been playing Battlefield 2 whenever I get a spare moment. I've started to play on ranked servers and can see I obviously suck, but I think I play better than I ever did in Battlefield 1942. There is supposedly a patch coming out soon to fix such things as the slow server listings, some coming up as 0 for ping, etc. This weekend I noticed things were a lot faster in the server menu, but the patch is not out yet that I know of (unless it came out today).

I still think this game is the most fun you can have on a PC out there. I picked up Unreal Tournament 2004 when GoGamer had its 48 Hour Madness sale on it. I installed it and played it a while and then decided everyone was probably far better than me in this game and proceeded to uninstall it until my love of Battlefield 2 subsides, a game I know I actually have a chance in.

UPDATE: I go to check out the BF2 main page at EA and it seems the patch client will be available at noon PT tomorrow. Great news!