Tuesday, July 05, 2005

NCAA Football 2006

It seems Bill Abner has gotten his hands on the final Xbox copy of NCAA Football 06. Some local store was nice enough to give him his copy a week before release. This just goes to show you that stores lie through their teeth when they say they don't have major games in the back a week ahead of time.

Anyway, his early impressions look pretty good. I know Bill can be very meticulous in his sports reviews, so I look forward to more information from him. I also got my EGM on Saturday and NCAA Football 06 shared Game of the Month with GTA: San Andreas on Xbox. The big thing they lauded was that the visuals were far improved (I can only hope the running slowdown is no longer there in the Xbox version as well) and the Heisman feature is pretty cool. One of the minuses they talked about was that there is still not a season mode for online play. I'm not as peeved about this for NCAA considering it is based upon the engine from Madden 2005, but if they don't have online season options on the Xbox when they release Madden 06 next month I may raise holy hell. It was one of the major things missing last year and I could forgo bashing on it since it was the first year EA was on Xbox Live.

Anyway, I'm getting more excited about next week now, although I do have to go and pre-order my copy so I can most likely get it on Monday night instead of Tuesday at some other store.