Thursday, July 21, 2005

30 Days - Season Ender

Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days ended its first season last night with a mom binge drinking for 30 days to show her college-aged daughter the problems with binge drinking. Let's just say the daughter didn't heed anything her mother was going through or decide to change at all. So this was basically another episode where the intended target doesn't see the light of day.

The best parts of the episode were Spurlock talking to the mother of a girl that died with a .437 (I think that is what was said) blood alcohol level and Spurlock doing the driving test after having 5 shots. Had the people at the party taken her to the hospital instead of putting her in a room in the house she probably would be alive today.

Looking over the episodes of this series I have to say the standouts were Spurlock and his fiance doing the minimum wage deal and the guy who lives in San Francisco's Castro district for 30 days. Outside of that the episodes were pretty weak, including the Christian living the Muslim life for 30 days. I hope this series comes back, but I also hope that Spurlock does more than one episode next time around.