Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Rescue Me and Other Stuff

Had a rather busy weekend including working long hours on Friday, hence you haven't seen any posts from me unfortunately. Now I'm back though and ready to talk about Rescue Me and some other stuff.

Rescue Me: Another fantastic episode. Not sure why Tommy is seeing Jesus, but his dead cousin finally made an appearance for the first time this year. It's also nice to see that Uncle Teddy is still alive, although now dad wants in on Teddy's big break becoming a coverboy for a sports fan magazine. Laura's problem with Lou's derogatory word has gone straight to the top, although the rest of the gang is seen telling her that it isn't the worst thing to be called and that they call each other things all the time. It looks like next week Lou goes to sensitivity training and I'm guessing in a sign of a team effort everyone joins him. Sheila is extremely screwed up and seems to be living her life like she is still pregnant even though she took two shots of mini-glass booze. Tommy still doesn't know the baby is no longer coming, so he's in for a world of hurt soon enough. I'm also glad to see Tommy stick to his guns on the alcohol, although that little segway towards the end made me hope it was all a daydream...and it was. Next week looks great as Tommy's oldest daughter showed up at the end of this episode and it looks like the two of them will be paying back mom come next week. Good stuff!

My reviews of Psychonauts and Arc the Lad: End of Darkness (both for the PS2) are now up and ready to be read. My preview of Codename: Panzers, Phase Two should be up soon. I ask everyone to go out and get Psychonauts especially after the news of a stock drop and CEO resignation yesterday for Majesco (via Gamespot). Majesco is the company that took up Psychonauts publishing after Microsoft dropped it.

In other news I picked up my copy of NCAA Football 06, but have not gotten a chance to play it yet. If work doesn't go late tonight I hope to at least play a little tonight, but we shall see.