Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Rescue Me

Tuesdays are always nice because it means a new episode of one of the best dramas on television: Rescue Me. Last night's episode was good, but not great. Some major things happened:

- Franco and Laura slept together
- Sully transferred after the boys found him at a fire dressed up like a girl
- Tommy is back at the station
- Mike (Probie) is still caught up on his ex-girlfriend
- Sheila has lost the baby, but did not tell Tommy or her son at dinner
- Tommy's dad has re-married and lives with tons of cats
- Uncle Teddy is most likely dead

Tommy really wasn't the center of attention in this episode, which was a welcome change but the overall episode gets brought down because of it. There are good actors in Rescue Me, but the show has to be steered by Leary and his acting. If left alone the rest of the cast can bring the enjoyment down quite a bit. Granted, I may be a bit overdramatic about that since I think Leary is a great actor, but the sub-sections this week just seemed a bit off. For once Tommy wasn't shown as a total self-centered asshole all the time, but that is because he wasn't chewing up every scene. Rescue Me is good fun, watch it if you haven't already.