Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Rescue Me - 8/30/05

This show and Entourage are simply the best stuff on television until the fall season starts proper in September. I'm also happy to report there are 2 episodes left this year after being confused last week that there were only 2 left.

A lot of tough issues this week with Tommy going to talk to Jimmy's son about becoming a firefighter. Sheila is of course against it since both her husband and father-in-law died while firefighting. Tommy goes in all ready to put the smack down on the idea, but the ghost of Jimmy eggs him on to do the right thing in his eyes. We never see the fallout with Tommy talking to Sheila, but I can only guess she isn't very happy about it. It was really touching to see Tommy hand over Jimmy's badge to the son.

In order to play hockey and lay down the law, Tommy goes without the Selectra. The day starts out with him yelling at Janet (who is still on the pills) and builds into Tommy going crazy at the hockey game as he usually does without the drugs. This time though all the ghosts show up while he is in the penalty box and two of them show up as he is driving. I'm kind of surprised they had such a pile on of the dead people considering Tommy has been non-drugged before in past episodes without a fallout like this.

The other big news items are that the elder Gavin's wife dies, so he's now rich (and probably the reason Tommy was able to buy the bike and mitt for his son and the PSP for his youngest daughter). Lou finds out that his woman's pimp, F-Bomb, wants $30,000 to buy out her contract. Lou offers the money, but she will have nothing of it since she doesn't want Lou to pay her because she loves him. The Chief's wife is still crazy and the preview for next week also hints at something bad in that situation.

The beauty is that Rescue Me ends on the 13th and then Lost begins on September 21st...woo!

Next week looks bad and I certainly hope it doesn't turn out how the preview is leading to.