Monday, August 22, 2005

Weekend TV Thoughts

Another weekend, another boatload of shows were watched. Let's get to them.

Stargate SG-1: I'm thinking the Ori and the Priors are a little more dangerous than originally thought. This was a pretty good episode and certainly shows that the Ori have taken over the major bad guys spot.

Stargate Atlantis: Still not liking this show a whole lot honestly. It feels like there is no real path they're following. It's been at least a few episodes since they've tried to find the AWOL Lieutenant and I actually enjoyed last week's episode, but there was no continuation this week.

Battlestar Galactica: It was a nice episode from a setup standpoint. Obviously the previews for next week show Adama and Apollo back together, but those two guys have plans to take them both down. I wonder if Adama felt the egg on his face when he promoted a incompetant person to lead the CAG. He seems to be a bit off, but that's what happens when 1/3 of your "family" leaves you.

Monk: I knew who did it way early, but as always this show is top notch. I'm really liking Natalie and no longer wish Sharona was still around. Heck, even Natalie's kid has more of a part in the series than Sharona's boy ever did. Sadly, next week is the season ender.

The 4400: The most likely show out of the group that finishes up its seasons next week to leave us on a cliffhanger. It seems the 4400 that have been given gifts (and have therefore been to NTAC) are all getting sick and all of them that haven't gotten their gifts (who possibly have never been to NTAC) are just fine. It also seems as if the government has a lot to do with it (BIG SURPRISE...NOT!). This season cannot end very well for anyone involved. Probably the season ender I am most looking forward to.

The Dead Zone: So, next week is the season ender and we've had a total of 3 Stillson episodes this year (including next week). That's pretty poor in my opinion. This was another weak episode that really didn't advance the plot very much outside of the fact that Sarah now knows her mother was thinking of her before she died and that Sarah's dad never blamed Sarah for her mother's death...yay! This has been a weak season, which is sad considering this was up for cancellation until the last minute. I certainly hope they ramp it up next week.

Entourage: Two episodes left of the season...I NEED MORE! With shows like this HBO can hang on; well, that's if people watch it. High points were Eric taking on Mandy Moore's legion of representatives, Vince playing the cruel joke on Ari and then Eric continuing on with the joke and the whole Eric/Vince dynamic. I still stand by my statement last week that by the end of the season Ari will be out of his agency and on his own with Vince in tow. If Aquaman hits it big I'm sure Ari could live off of Vince alone, but who knows.

And finally, a moment of silence for Six Feet Under ending its run last night. I've only watched the first 4 episodes this year and I hope to sit down and watch the rest. I know the major character who dies, but I am interested in how the fallout went in the last 3 episodes. The show was a great one in the first two seasons and then in Season 3 and 4 it lost its way and from what I've heard it regained it somewhat this season. You will be missed, especially by HBO.