Monday, August 29, 2005

Monk/Sunday TV

Monk, The 4400 and The Dead Zone ended their seasons this weekend. Monk is coming back in January and I can only guess the other two might as well.

Monk: Kind of an odd season ender except for the fact that this is only considered the "half-season" at this point. Monk as a little kid and the parallels to helping the same girl in current time was spot on. It was too bad he and the woman couldn't get together, but that's the kind of life Monk lives. Tony Shaloub is still one of the best actors around and I don't miss Sharona one bit honestly.

The 4400: WARNING!!! Major spoilers. OK, who didn't see that at the end there the person with all the hair would be Jordan Collier? Could this be his 4400 gift? The ability to resurrect himself? We'll have to wait until next year to see for sure. I thought for sure Kyle was going to blow Shawn away, but it was awesome to see Shawn take the possessor of Kyle out of him. Things wrapped up a bit too neatly in my estimation, but the reappearance of Jordan and Isabelle growning up (and naked) in front of Shawn was a jaw-dropper. This show has really come into its own and it reminds me a lot of the high times during X-Files.

The Dead Zone: A really good ending to a weak "half-season" in my estimation. Stillson once again was front and center and it was awesome that the Illuminati guy (I call it Illuminati, they haven't named themselves as of yet) talked to Johnny through the Bible. It is too bad the senator's daughter had to keep with Stillson in order to save Johnny as it was looking like they could be an item. I wonder if she is going to pass info off to Johnny or not from the inside. I guess we'll see when the series comes back next year sometime.

Entourage: The best is saved for last. I see my predictions were right that Ari would end up on his own and his dialogues with Lloyd were fantastic. I'm sure Ari will be fine in the end and next week is the season ender. Vince says he's off of Aquaman, but we'll have to see if that turns out to be true or not. Vince may extend the olive branch for Ari simply so they both don't go under. It was interesting that Ari has run the group for 8 years, but I don't think we've heard of any other clients he has outside of Vince. I could be wrong though. Jeremy Piven is fantastic and he makes us sympathetic to the Ari character, a guy who is usually an asshole on the show. When he called Eric and said, "You're my best bud" I didn't feel he was lying to him.