Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Entourage/Rescue Me/Lost Season 1 DVD

Tuesday was a one-two punch for me. Not only was there a new episode of Rescue Me, but Lost Season 1 came out on DVD. I've already seen all the episodes, but people around me have not and have started to become interested in the program after watching some of ABC's re-airings. I can't wait for September 21st and the premiere of the new season. I have one caveat though, J.J. Abrams has a habit of creating a far weaker second season than first season in his series (see Alias), let's hope it doesn't happen with Lost.

Entourage: OK, the ending was not what was promised in the preview from last week. It was not a "Hollywood ending like no other" or whatever they said. In fact, I have to say this was one of the weakest episodes in the series so far. Everything just kind of meandered along and sadly I think we all knew whether Vince was actually going to quit Aquaman or not and we all knew whether Eric was going to take the job offered him or not. The best parts of the episode belonged, as always, to Jeremy Piven. I don't know if it was BS or not, but when Ari said that Vince was the only actor he ever felt close to, it really tugged at me. Here's a guy who has been an asshole to the people around Vince, but in this episode he seems to be pouring his heart out to Eric and letting him know he's just as much a part of the Vince entourage as the other three are. Could Ari be turning a corner into a more compassionate man? I guess we'll have to see next year...I can't wait.

One more thing about HBO, be prepared for September 25th as that is the night Curb Your Enthusiasm starts up and Ricky Gervais' new show Extras begins. I have heard that the latter is more hilarious than the British version of The Office that Gervais was in.

Rescue Me: Yeah, I really can't give anything away about the episode since some people haven't seen it yet. Let me just say it is a powerful episode and I'm sad to see what I was fearing with the preview last week came true. I was actually surprised to find out the season ender is not longer than an hour because they certainly put some extra pizzazz into the preview for the next episode. It looks powerful and may leave the characters off worse than they were at the end of season 1. If you aren't watching this show by now, go out and rent or buy the first season and then try to catch the replays that I am sure FX will be airing of the second season.