Monday, September 12, 2005

Games and DVDs This Week

Well, the big release to me this week is obviously Burnout Revenge on the Xbox and PS2. IGN was a bit hard on the game, but Gamespot really liked it (and I know, .2 points is not much of a difference, but the tones of the two reviews are very different). Well, either way I will pick it up, but I will feel dirty because I know EA has an Xbox 360 version up its sleeve, although I'm not sure how much they can boost the graphics because this new one looks better than the last one.

For you PSP players there is also Burnout Legends coming which Gamespot gave a 9.0 to. I'm surprised IGN doesn't have a review up yet considering they had to be the first one out of the gate with the Revenge review. This game takes parts from the 3 already out Burnout games and fuses them together into a new game. No talk of long load times ala Midnight Club 3 on PSP, so that is probably a good thing. I don't own a PSP yet, but I would pick this up if I had one probably.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas sees its Xbox re-release this week with "Hot Coffee" taken out. Sims 2: Nightlife expansion and Tecmo Classic Arcade (Xbox) round out the big titles of the week. I note the last one simply because Tecmo Bowl is in it (minus the player name rights sadly) and so is Rygar.

2 big DVD releases come out this week (well, that depends on your definition of "big" I guess): Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the 4th season of Smallville are coming out tomorrow. Have I mentioned yet how sucky Thursdays are going to be this year? There is literally something on every major channel that I watch at 7pm, but that's a story for another day.