Monday, September 12, 2005

Weekend TV Wrap-Up

Busy TV weekend considering Fox decided to premiere the Sunday shows early this year (I don't know if Fox has the World Series this year or not, tough to find on the internet). Let's get to them:

Stargate SG-1: Pretty boring honestly and not a very powerful setup for the 2-hour "half season" ender next week (well, the second episode is the ender).

Stargate Atlantis: Was actually a pretty good show, except for the quick resolution to Shepard's problem. Now why couldn't they do that to the Lieutenant that has been missing on the show for a while now? I know Shepard got attacked by the antigen, but come on. I am guessing this will come back for its ender in 2 weeks.

Battlestar Galactica: Excellent episode although I hated the twist at the end. Does this mean that Lucy Lawless will be a more regular guest star or was this a one-shot? She looked excellent and it was weird to hear her use her regular New Zealand voice instead of an American accented one. Really good episode and I guess I wasn't thinking far enough ahead to see the twist.

The Simpsons: An okay episode, next week looks good though.

The War at Home: This show started off really bad with the horrendous laugh track, but as the episode went on I started to not hear the laugh track (which was still there) and found the show to be pretty good and funny. I will watch this at least for another episode.

Family Guy: The actual season opener was pushed back because it revolved around a hurricane, so one of the other episodes was used as the season opener. This one revolved around Brian trying to impress a black teacher by renaming the James Woods school to Martin Luther King, Jr. Peter was against this and brought James Woods in who brought immediate comic gold into the show. This show seems to be firing on all cylinders, although I still didn't get that sheep joke (anyone want to let me in on that one) that had to do with Meg's period. I loved the Star Trek flashback because all the voices were the actual cast members and they made no qualms with making Patrick Stewart look just like Bullock from American Dad.

American Dad: I swore off this show after about 5 episodes this summer, but I decided to give it another try. It now seems to be hitting somewhat on all cylinders. Haley getting with Stan's boss (played by Patrick Stewart) was very weird though, but it was hilarious to see Stan get Peter to be a man...heh.