Friday, October 14, 2005

Spielberg and EA

Huh...who woulda thought? Spielberg and EA together? Well, believe it. EA has signed a 3 game deal with Spielberg on original properties. Spielberg even gets his own office in the EALA studio. He will be overseeing development on the games and the offer is open that if he feels like creating a TV or movie out of the original games he can.

I'm sure Bill Harris will chime in on this at some point (and congrats on getting quoted in The Escapist). This certainly shows that EA is looking at original properties and not just releasing sequels. I wonder when we will first hear about the first game which is already in development. One of the lead guys from Deus Ex, Doug Church, will be overseeing the project, but it is said to be something far different than DX.