Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Shadow of the Colossus

The praises are coming from all over for Shadow of the Colossus, the new Sony first party game fromt he makers of the impeccable ICO.

Of special note out of the reviews so far is the 1up Review, it's well written and makes you understand why this game is so great and how different it is from ICO. Same could be said for the (shock of all shocks) IGN Review, although that one takes the cake as the highest rating for the game yet (9.7).

It sounds, much like God of War earlier this year, that this is a "must not miss" game. I know ICO didn't sell very well, but I hope this game sells more copies. It certainly should have more market penetration than ICO did. Have you seen the magazine ads for this game? They're brilliant fold-out ads that talk about how your problems may be bigger than at first look...heh.

This game will undoubtedly be the experience of the year since it is so innovative, and isn't that what people want more out of games? This game ships today and it will be overshadowed by other games out this week with bigger marketing behind it, but chances are it is the overall best, and certainly most engaging and innovative, game coming out this week (even over F.E.A.R.).