Monday, October 17, 2005

Infinite Crisis and House of M

I talked about the Crisis last week and this week I'm going to give you my impressions of DC and Marvel's big events. First up is DC's event...

Infinite Crisis #1: So far I'm liking this event, although I question how much this mini is going to crossover to other books. I can see tie-ins with the Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman books, but looking toward future issues of those titles it doesn't seem like they all tie in. The ending of this issue is obviously for anyone, like myself, that grew up reading The Crisis on Infinite Earths. However for those people that weren't around 20 years ago or have never read CoIE, they may feel quite lost. My biggest problem with the last page is that 20 years ago we knew if these 4 people ever came back into our universe from their "paradise" universe that the whole universe would be destroyed. I am interested to see how Geoff Johns writes himself out of that hole, although I believe he can. You should also check out Villians United #6, since that also has multiple copies of a certain character showing up and explaining a bit of what has been happening in the DC universe over the last couple years.

House of M #7: Most people have considered this mini a joke, but with this issue and Joe Quesada's recent Joe Fridays column on Newsarama we may not be laughing anymore. Wanda utters the words "No more mutants" and we are treated to panels that are almost as confusing as House of M #1's finishing panels. From Quesada's story we get that the mutants are basically going to be "reset" and there won't be as many mutants around as there were before. There is still another issue left in this series. In some ways I think this could hurt Marvel because they are obviously going to be honing down the number of X and X related books out there.

Of course I can only sit here and nod my head about the X-Men simply because I've been a longtime reader of comics and know that huge changes are often reversed at Marvel. Bendis can certainly be well known for being the destroyer of both the Avengers and the mutants now...way to go Brian!