Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rescue Me is Back

Bad news is that The Sopranos ended, good news is that Rescue Me's new season started just a few days later. There are a bunch of other summer series coming up as well (Dead Zone, The 4400 and Entourage's new seasons start this Sunday; Monk, Psyche and Dr. Who start up next month), but Rescue Me is easily the one to be most excited about in my mind.

Last night's episode was great just because we were coming off a really good cliffhanger from last year. Since it was written by the two creators (Peter Tolan and Denis Leary) the writing and acting was simply excellent. It is too bad the seasons didn't start off right from Tommy being in the fire, but I think they handled it just fine. I have heard that there is a death of a main character coming up and it would be sad to see one of the gang die off. I can only guess it is the Chief, but who knows.

If you haven't seen this show before, be sure to get the previous seasons on DVD. This is one of the FX Network's best shows they have to offer.