Monday, June 18, 2007

Comic News from the Weekend

Lots happened at the Cons this weekend. Let's look at the major stuff point by point. All news items are linked to my favorite comic site, Newsarama

1. Amazing Spider-Man News: Although it is tough to pick this one over #2, I'd have to say this is the bigger news. The only minus here is I can already see from the Newsarama boards that some people are confused by the whole thing. Marvel is canceling Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and Spectacular Spider-Man after JMS' final arc, One More Day is done. Then starting the next month Amazing Spider-Man will ship 3 times a month. Basically Marvel is doing a switcheroo, but one that is pretty logical. Amazing is the flagship title and easily outsells the other two comics, so Marvel is betting that people will pick up 3 of the flagship a month. This also allows Marvel to have a cohesive storyline around their #1 player instead of having different storylines going on at the same time. It is a gamble, but I think it will pay off.

2. Flash News: If it wasn't for the news above, this would easily be the biggest news to come out of the Cons this weekend. The new title ends this week with Flash #13 and recently DC showed a teaser with Bart laying on the logo looking defeated and possibly dead. This weekend DC showed off the final cover for Flash #13, and things aren't looking so good:

Along with that news, we have the news that Mark Waid will be coming back to write the title and it will be going back to the old numbering system that Geoff Johns left off with (so the next issue is Flash #231). The internet is abuzz (and I tend to agree) that Wally West will be coming back and filling the shoes of the Flash. Waid writing and them going back to Wally's numbering just points to this fact. I just honestly hope Bart doesn't die at the end of the issue this week. He was great as Impulse and I'd hate to see him gone.

3. Dwayne McDuffie new writer of JLA: This is good news in my mind. McDuffie will take over after Meltzer's issues are done. It also looks like the Injustice Gang will be making a comeback which is always a good thing.

4. Peter David new writer on She-Hulk: At least they are replacing Dan Slott with a capable writer. They have yet to announce the new team(s) on Amazing Spider-Man, but I can only guess that David and Slott could be part of that.

5. X-Men Event Finally Named: It will be called Messiah Complex and it will pour out of the One-Shot Endangered Species that comes out this week.

Those were the major news stories from my perspective, I'm sure there are some others that people would be interested in. Check out Newsarama for all the updates.