Thursday, November 02, 2006

Welcome to the New Look of Virtual Viewpoints

I'm again going to try to make this a regular place for me to write about entertainment as a whole. In going with the new turn of the page I also gave the site a new look as well simply because I think the black/red motif was a bit hard to see with the last iteration of this blog. I hope this one works a bit better, I can certainly read my articles better and there is even a search option that has been added that connects to a Google Beta search. I also added my Xbox Gamertag to the right so people can check out my paltry acheivements and re-instituted the comments to see if I can get any discussion going on here.

I hope to make this a regular thing with me writing. I envy my friend Bill Harris over at Dubious Quality (link also available to the right in the Links column along with my regular haunts...I'll be adding more) in how much content he puts out there. Granted, I don't have children as of yet and his Eli stories are a staple of the blog, but I hope to achieve the same sort of regularity that he has.

You may like to know what kinds of things are coming up on this blog. I plan on writing up initial impressions of Battlefield 2142 (PC), Need for Speed: Carbon (PC), and Final Fantasy XII (PS2), as well as touch on a few games I've missed talking about over the last few months. Coming up next week I should have impressions of Gears of War (360) and possibly impressions of Guitar Hero II, which will be my first time playing with the series (blasphemy, I know!). Bill has written extensively about the original and now he has a copy of GH2 a week before release, so checking out his site will only make you that much more excited about the game. I'm thinking of getting both games so my wife and I can play together (having two guitars). You guys think I should go that way or just get GH2 and an extra guitar?

On the gaming side I'm going to divide up my writings into 3 categories with the new relaunch. Previews will be of demos I play, betas I am in (after NDA) or previews I am sent by companies. First Look articles are akin to initial impressions of a purchased or rented game and Reviews will be just that.

I'll also be touching on Comics (a favorite topic of mine) and possibly even TV shows and movies like I used to. Get ready, I hope for this to be a fruitful ride.