Monday, November 20, 2006

This Week in Entertainment (11/19 - 11/25)

I won't cover the Wii games since they are already out, but those did get released yesterday. The key games would probably be Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz (multiplayer), Rayman: Raving Rabbids (multiplayer) and possibly Madden 07 just because of the gameplay. Onto the rest of the week and my picks for the week in every category.


NOTE: This is one of the weakest Thanksgiving week release list that I ever remember, but maybe I'm not remembering them correctly. I know Nintendo is probably going, "well, we released Zelda on Sunday and that's during the week", but come on!

Superman Returns: The Game (360/Xbox/PS2/DS)

For those that haven't done so already, be sure to download the Xbox 360 demo of this game. I have to say I was quite surprised by the demo. This game had been pushed back from the release of the movie to roughly the release time of the movie on DVD. The graphics are nice and the draw distance is quite large (I flew all the way up in the clouds to see the area you play in from far above), but it certainly isn't going to overcome Gears of War on a graphics level. Superman's powers are readily available and hopefully they will be available from the start of the game. Keep an eye on this game it could be a really good action game along the lines of the last Hulk game.

Rainbow Six: Vegas (360)

Never been too big on the Rainbow games even though I have played some of them. From all I've read this is the cream of the crop for the series. I am even thinking about picking it up just to play online in a group. This is my Game of the Week just from early reviews of it. Gamespot's review should solidify the need to buy or rent this game.

Need for Speed: Carbon (Wii)

This will be interesting to see how it plays with the Wiimote. It should be like ExciteTruck where you hold it horizontally like a wheel, but from gameplay videos it looks like you point it straight and turn left and right.


Ice Age: The Meltdown (DVD)

Default DVD of the Week from me. I liked this movie, but there were other computer animated movies that came out this year that are better than this one, including a movie that came out 2 weeks ago AND came out in the theater after this one: Cars.

You, Me and Dupree (DVD)

I will have to rent this movie. I heard it was bad, so it isn't worth buying.

Da Ali G Show Complete (DVD)

For those that have seen Borat, here is what made Sasha Baron Cohen a name here in America. There is no added substance from the season releases that have already come out, this is just a repackaging of all the season together for a cheaper price. HBO is doing this for a lot of series that are completed, which should piss off a good deal of people that paid premium prices to pick up each season of HBO shows.

Deja Vu (Theater)

This movie looks interesting and certainly has the pedigree (stars and director) to be as big of a Thanksgiving hit as National Treasure was 2 years ago.

The Fountain (Theater)

I have a feeling not many people will watch this movie, but this is my Movie of the Week to watch in the theater. Darren Aronofsky is writer/director and Hugh Jackman and Rachael Weisz star in this time-travelling tale. Chances are it could be one of those "thinking person" movies that makes you think or may be over many people's heads. I still think it is a safe bet from a Science Fiction perspective.

For Your Consideration (Theater)

Another Christopher Guest ensemble movie. I may be one of the only people out there that disliked Waiting for Guffman, but I have liked all the other movies this group has put out. Reviews are excellent, but that doesn't necessarily mean I will like it.


Amazing Spider-Man #536

Easily the Comic Book of the Week. After last week's avalanche of good comics, this week is the fallout of Civil War #5 (which I will talk about soon). I have enjoyed "The War at Home" so far, although when taken in conjunction with Fantastic Four it lessens its impact since JMS seems to be recycling the same story, making ASM the far better book since it comes out first.

Civil War: Frontline #8

I've enjoyed this mini-series that ties into Civil War. I like that there are 3 stories told in each one, although I could do without the final act of each book honestly. More Ben and Speedball, less history please.

Daredevil #91

"The Devil Takes a Ride" arc continues here. Brubaker has totally taken up the reins from Bendis on this series. If ASM wasn't around this week this would probably be my pick.

Exiles #88

I was late coming onto this series, but am liking it quite a bit.

Fantastic Four: The End #2

I liked the first part and will continue to read the series at least into this release.

Runaways #22

Enjoy Vaughn while you can until Whedon comes over for the future of this series.

Ultimate Spider-Man #102

I have no idea how Bendis is going to end the "Clone War" in the next three issues, but it has been an engaging read.

X-Factor #13

Peter David has struck gold on this series again.

Wonder Woman #3

The now bi-monthly series has another issue release. I've liked this series so far and I'm glad they pushed it to a realistic bi-monthly schedule. It would be nice to be monthly, but I can understand the delay. Heck, Whedon and Cassidy get away with it in Astonishing X-Men.