Wednesday, November 08, 2006

No Gears of War Today

Gears of War was planned to be (hopefully) my last purchase with EB/Gamestop. I was one of the lucky ones that got caught up in the shipping snafu that seems to be affecting a lot of EB/Gamestop pre-order people. I got the call from the Gamestop automated voice that they would have it today, but I didn't check my messages from work today when I got the call that the game may be delayed a day. I wasted a trip to EB and was told to come back tomorrow, but they were nice enough to also give a $5 reduction on the price of the game (some are saying $5 toward another pre-order, but this guy said $5 off GoW).

I could have gone to Best Buy and picked the game up probably, but since I already paid most of it off at EB an extra day wouldn't hurt much. As I said above, I hope this is my last purchase at the EB stores (but not online) as I've had trouble with them ever since I pre-ordered my Xbox 360 last year. I try to keep my business with them at a minimum, but they do have some exclusive offers like the Final Fantasy XII Collector's Edition and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin with all the extras (I believe it is exclusive to EB/Gamestop, not sure though) that are quite enticing.

Maybe I'll spend this valuable time trying to finish off Need for Speed: Carbon so I can give my review of the game. I'm at 75% complete, so it shouldn't be too much longer to go. Also hope to have a full review of Battlefield 2142 up as well. I've played Final Fantasy XII here and there, but haven't gotten into it enough to go beyond my initial impressions.

I also hope to rent Call of Duty 3 and Tony Hawk Project 8 just to check them out. I am not very excited about either game. The first one because Infinity Ward has nothing to do with it and the game is not coming out on PC. In Tony Hawk's case I feel they added the cool do your own move mode, but that it will be more of the same...very much like Madden has become (and remember, I was a big Madden fan before).

Hopefully once I have Gears of War and can play it for a bit I can join some of you in some online action. For those that already have the game, let me know how you like it.