Wednesday, March 22, 2006

GRAW Impressions

I haven't had a whole lot of time to play GRAW, but what I have played I've enjoyed. Much like Fight Night Round 3, the game is presented in a 1.85:1 ratio on a standard television, so your whole screen is not used up. The graphics are fantastic and the game itself is fantastic as well. I thank all the people that e-mailed me about how great this game is. I have yet to play online, mostly because of lack of time to play the game. I've been working some long hours lately and haven't found time to sit and play some co-op or whatever online. I can guarantee if the game is this fun alone it will be really fun with other people.

I do have some minuses though, but they should come as no surprise. The sunny exterior is a bit too bright, especially when trying to read text of your next objectives. I like the fact that this is a realistic portrayal of Mexico City (it is the most smog ridden city in the world after all), but maybe they should have changed the text to a different color or something. Maybe this alleviated with an HDTV and I only see the problem on a standard TV though.

The other minus comes as no surprise to anyone who's played the GR games before. Your squadmates are stupid idiots that like to stand in the line of fire and not take cover, even when you point them in the direction of cover. It is nice they have added the ability to heal your teammates, but given that they usually are not behind cover when they die it makes it difficult for you to heal him and not get hit yourself. This of course makes the game more difficult than it should be, but if you're patient you can make it through the single-player portion.

Overall though this game is the best original game on the Xbox 360 hands least until I play Oblivion or Far Cry probably.