Monday, February 27, 2006

So, What Is The Next Big 360 Game?

So, I slammed Oblivion a bit and you may be asking what 360 games I am looking forward to. Interestingly enough the games come courtesy of UbiSoft. I am very interested in Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, but probably not as much as I could be. I think the console games have been good, but they never kept me too interested. I will rent this game and see how I like it before putting down $60 on it.

The one game I am looking forward to is coming out March 28th: Far Cry Instincts Predator. The game will include both an upgraded version of Far Cry Instincts and an Xbox 360 version of Far Cry Instincts Evolution, the all-new chapter coming out on Xbox the same day. I still think Far Cry is a superb game and after seeing the movies of this game my jaw drops with how good this game could be. You are basically getting two $30 games (I think the original Instincts sells for that on Xbox now) for the usual 360 price of games. I personally never picked up Instincts on Xbox, but I did rent it and thought it was awesome.

You may also ask if I think Burnout Revenge is a good pickup for the 360. I can only say if you don't own this game on Xbox or PS2 you should probably pick it up for your 360. I'd hesitate on buying the game if you own another version though. I mean, you probably spent $50 when the game came out and now you're going to put out $60 to get a visually upgraded version (with many some new things put in)? Not my cup of tea, I'd rather rent and then make the choice.

After that there's a quiet time in 360 land again. Then again, there's a quiet time across all platforms after that.