Sunday, February 19, 2006

One Year Later, 52 and Civil War (Comics)

So, DC has two big events (flowing out of the events of Infinite Crisis) and Marvel has one big event coming in the next few months (One Year Later starts in March, the others start in May).

One Year Later: Almost all of the DC comics are jumping forward one year starting in March. Many of February's comics have been jolted back into the IC fold in order to set up for OYL. One poor example (but nice setup) for OYL was in Nightwing #119. They decide to totally ignore the Deathstroke/Rose/Nightwing stuff that has been building and push Dick Grayson straight into the Bludhaven destruction that happened in IC #4 AND have him propose to Barbara Gordon (he suddenly gets a spine?) in order for set up with #120 and the OYL jump. Almost all of the OYL setups have the last page as the main character (or in the case of Superman; Lois Lane and Jimmy Olson) being shown in their different costumes through the years (both on the post-Crisis Earth and pre-Crisis costumes) and I guess to me that means they are showing the impact Alex Luthor's machine has on all the characters. I'll talk more about what I think will happen after I get through these.

52: This starts up right after Infinite Crisis ends and will show the missing 52 weeks between IC and the OYL books. The good news is that Booster Gold and the Question are important characters, but the (possible) bad news is that I forsee delays on this title. It is extremely difficult to get 52 straight weeks of one comic out. I would think by this time they have to have about 1/3 of the comics done in this series or deadlines will catch up to them. I think this is an interesting move by DC, but I also think there could be some problems in the publishing department.

Civil War: Not to be outdone (even though they had House of M, which was both good and bad), Marvel comes at us with Civil War. The word is that the government wants every superhero registered and I can only believe that also means they want their secret identities registered as well. Heroes will pick sides and Spider-Man will supposedly be one of the characters in the middle trying to choose. Marvel has quietly been pushing Spider-Man and Iron Man together (now SM will have a suit made by Tony Stark) and supposedly Iron Man will be on the opposite side of Captain America on this and Spidey has to choose a side, but is now really good buddies with Tony. There will be a lot of build up to Civil War, but I don't know how sold I am on this whole thing. I will read it, but I also think it is very much a reaction to Identity and Infinite Crisis over at DC. I truly believe DC has been planning those out for a long time while Marvel dreamed this up while going through House of M and seeing how popular the DC specials were.

End of Infinite Crisis: This is just me thinking aloud, but I think by the end of IC we are going to see the multiverse once again fuse into one, but this time each character will be fused together with their other Earth(s) counterparts. For example: Superman post-CoIE (our Superman), Earth-2 Superman, Earth-3 Ultraman (and other Supermen from other Earths) will fuse together into one being with the knowledge from all. Same goes for Batman (post-CoIE Batman, the dead Earth-2 Batman, Earth-3 Owlman, etc.), Lex Luthor (post-CoIE and Alexander), Superboy (post-Doomsday and Prime) and others. That's just a guess on my part though. It's just something I feel from the first 2 parts of "This is Your Life" in the Superman books. We still have 3 more IC issues to go though.