Thursday, April 27, 2006

Welcome Back

Sorry for the 3 week gap in posts. Things have been busy at work and I've just kind of hit a lull in gaming. I'm about 20 hours into Kingdom Hearts II, but I think the talking and cutscenes were starting to get to my better half, so we took a break from it and haven't picked it up again, but I hope to soon.

I did play some Top Spin 2 on the 360 and I'll try to do a review for it in the near future. The game is really good, but it is a bit more convoluted in how you dole out ability stars than in Top Spin. For the most part the loading is gone, especially when going into matches, but actually getting the location loaded does take a bit. Another cool thing is you can now save inside of a tournament, something you couldn't do in the first game.

I'll also have some comic book thoughts coming up as well. Next week is HUGE! Civil War #1 AND Infinite Crisis #7 comes out next. So basically Marvel opens up its big event as DC closes theirs and opens up the door to the lost year in 52. It's an exciting time and there are a LOT of rumors flying around in both the Marvel and DC universe.

Once again, welcome back and hopefully I'll keep this up...