Monday, April 03, 2006

More Oblivion

Well, I got some Oblivion playing done in-between Kingdom Hearts II marathons this weekend. In RPG games like Oblivion (the "do anything you want" type of RPG vs. the more linear Japanese/Console RPG) I tend to reach a point where things are no longer exciting, a wall if you will. Yes, I could be doing a myriad of things outside of the main quest, but I find myself attracted only to the main quest and actually bored with the game outside of that. This of course makes Oblivion the type of RPG I like, that being a more linear one. The problem is that going through only the main quests will make Oblivion a short game. The beauty of the game is that someone with the style I have will be just as happy with the game as someone that likes to just go off and do things for hundreds of hours. I still think Oblivion is a really good game, but taking it from a linear perspective (main quests only) it is actually shorter than many other RPGs, including one I will be posting about next (Kingdom Hearts II). Oblivion however has a leg up on many other RPGs though in the fact that it is so dynamic that any person playing the game can find their own enjoyment in it.

I really like Oblivion, but I also realize I am going to hit my wall with the game pretty soon. I'm just happy to say I stayed with this game far longer than I did Morrowind. Maybe Bethesda just made this game more accessible to the masses than Morrowind was, I don't know. Oblivion really is a great game, but my time with it will be coming to an end soon.