Sunday, July 23, 2006

Civil War #3 Discussion (SPOILERS)

So, Civil War #3 came out this past week. If this issue teaches me anything it is probably that Marvel has little to no hope of outdoing the nuclear bomb from the reveal at the end of the second issue unless there is another big event that revolves around Spider-Man (such as Aunt May or Mary Jane meeting their maker). The big thing from this issue is that Thor shows up at the end and is evidently with Iron Man, but who really knows. His SHIELD codename is "Lightning"...lame.

It is also revealed that Daredevil (or Fakedevil as many are calling him) is not Matt Murdock. The person may look like Murdock somewhat, but it is obvious this person can also see. Supposedly Fakedevil's identity will be unmasked this week in Daredevil #87. I find it funny how this identity reveal is left in the main book, but Spider-Man's unmasking happens in Civil War instead of Amazing Spider-Man.

Another thing I have learned is that Civil War has a problem I was afraid of a long time ago (in this post). Unlike the majority of DC's Infinite Crisis, the whole story of Civil War is not self-contained and almost pushes you to pick up the other tie-ins to totally understand what is going on. I figured ASM would be the only tie-in worth it, but I've found almost every Civil War tie-in helps catch you up for when the next chapter of the main book comes out. There is also the Frontlines issues as well to understand things even more. Bottom line is that this series will be far more expensive to comic book readers than IC was.

I have to believe Spider-Man is going to pay for his unmasking. My money is on Aunt May dying simply because IF Marvel kills Mary Jane I'm done with them. Aunt May deserves to die for pushing Peter toward unmasking and I think all the signs point to it. I think Joe Quesada's whole Peter/MJ anti-marriage argument is a red herring for us to think about her being the one eliminated. Then again, maybe Marvel isn't going to eliminate either, but I rather doubt it. Like I said earlier, they have to do something to outdo what happened last issue or they blew their load way too soon in my opinion.