Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Comic Catch-Up (June 7)

Sorry for the weeks of no posts. Work hit the busy time and I took some time off to rest and relax after some long hours (and weekend) of work. I'll start my new posts talking about something near and dear to my heart: comics! (BEWARE: there may be spoilers below)

52: We are now entering into Week 5 of 52. So far I've been pretty impressed by the series, although I'm finding it to be a lot like Infinite Crisis in the fact that there is too little space for how much is going on. They attempt to split the comic between the different characters (main ones: Steel, Booster Gold, Montoya, The Question, Black Adam and Ralph Dibny) and the 7 days that represent the week. It's obvious other things are going on every day than what they hone in on, but I think this may be the ultimate undoing of this series: too many characters and not enough time with them. So far the main views have been from Booster and Montoya/The Question. Steel and Ralph have had their time and Black Adam had one big part but has been absent since.

Civil War: Over on the Marvel side there's this mini-series. So far there's been only one entry and I talked about that in a previous post. Spider-Man's entry into the series came out last week with the first of the 7-part "War at Home" storyline in Amazing Spider-Man. I liked the first part, but it also seemed a bit rushed. The end sees Spider-Man supposedly about to reveal his identity to the world, but I bet he won't do so. With all the rumors flying about Quesada and his dislike of Peter's marriage to MJ, I'm willing to bet the "big destruction" coming out for Spider-Man will be the death of MJ. It just came to me yesterday honestly. It's a way for him not to reveal his identity and jump to Captain America's side. It wouldn't make me jump away from reading Spider-Man, but if he revealed his identity I think that could push me toward that.

I'm not sure if Civil War is going to be self-contained or not and it would really be a disservice if it wasn't pretty self-contained. That was a plus with Infinite Crisis for the most part and I hope Marvel keeps with that. I still say the Spider-Man arc is going to be needed, but hopefully Civil War stuff will be kept in CW.