Thursday, May 11, 2006

DC's 52 #1

Going into another gear for a moment and touching on another topic I talk about a lot...comic books. Today, DC released its ambitious comic that will cover the time between Infinite Crisis and the One Year Later jumps that all the books took.

I was impressed by the book and I think they have an all-star team working on it (Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid and Grant Morrison write...Keith Giffen on art breakdowns, setting up the storyboard for the rest of the art team). I think it is important to read Newsarama's 5.2 link every week (this week's entry) after you read the book because it should explain some things. Now onto the contents of the books...MAJOR SPOILERS if you have not read it yet.

The book will have 6 main characters: Ralph Dibny (yay!), Renee Montoya (from the Gotham police force), Steel, The Question, Booster Gold (yay!) and...Black Adam?! Other people will evidently come in and out throughout the series in order to fill people in up to One Year Later.

The key things to pull from Week 1 is this:

1. Wally West, Linda and the twins are just fine. As Bart says, "they're taking time away". This puts to rest everyone's worries that they were all dead. Bart also says the twins have grown.

2. It's fantastic to see Booster Gold as a central character again. I loved his short-lived series and his time in the Justice League off-shoots. I'll attempt to make an observation of why Skeets' was wrong about Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman showing up. I think it all revolves around Booster changing the Brother Eye future. Remember when he told Batman that he never found Brother Eye in Booster's future...well, they found Brother Eye and took it down, thereby changing whatever future Skeets had in his brain. He's still on the old future and not the new one, plus the fact Skeets may be gone for good (*sob*). This is just a guess on my part though, we shall see.

Those were the two main things. This was obviously a setup issue to show off the main characters. I think they've picked an interesting group of people to build the future of the DC Universe around. Can't wait for next week!